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Bottom line: The Fetch Rewards app is straightforward and user-friendly, letting users easily snap a photo of their receipts from any store. Earn points automatically and redeem for gift cards for dozens of popular brands.

Fetch Rewards Review: Easy Cash Back and More | The Motley Fool (1)

Best cash back app overallFetch Rewards

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  • Submit receipts from any store for up to two weeks
  • Automatic redemptions (no pre-selection required)
  • Redeem points for gift cards or donations
  • Use printed and emailed receipts
  • Referral code for friends to use (2,000 points for both parties)
  • Groceries cash back


  • Can't submit in-app receipts
  • Android users can only use Gmail for email receipts

At a glance

RewardsBase rate of 1% of the final purchase price
iOS app rating4.8/5 stars
Android app rating4.5/5 stars

What is Fetch Rewards and how does it work?

Fetch Rewards is a cash back app that rewards users for submitting their receipt details. These perks come from points earned per receipt scanned into the app. Points can be redeemed for gift cards to a plethora of popular retailers, including places like Amazon and Best Buy.

The Fetch app has a simple, straightforward interface, with camera and e-receipt buttons right on the home page. Physical receipts can be uploaded with a click of the camera button, and you can connect an email account to quickly transfer emailed receipts.

Navigating the app is a breeze, and you won't need to click through endless menus just to upload receipts or check your status. Instead, features are easily organized into the four main tabs:

  • Discover: This is your main screen, where you can find your points balance, as well as ways to earn more points from special offers. These offers can be filtered by category, value, or time sensitivity, such as newest or closest to expiration.
  • Activity: Here you can find a history of uploaded receipts. You can also find stats and graphs on your earnings history, including points earned and amount spent. There’s even a chart that shows purchases made by Fetch Rewards shoppers. It's sorted by which retailer you used. This can be a useful personal finance tool to help track your spending.
  • Rewards: This screen has two options, Use Points and My Rewards. Use Points is a deep dive on the offers from the Discover tab. Browse all of the current rewards and see your progress toward any given reward. My Rewards shows any offers that have already been redeemed.
  • Me: This section holds all the account settings and such. It also contains your personal referral code, a place to connect your email and your Amazon account, and a SingleCare portal for prescription savings.

Everything you need can be found in the app, no browser necessary. Signing up requires providing your email address, birth date, and phone number.

Top perks

Submit receipts from any store for up to two weeks

With the Fetch Rewards app, you can submit receipts from any store, including retail stores, gas stations, grocery stores, and even drugstores. Wherever you like to shop, Fetch Rewards has you covered.

And you don't need to worry about stopping in the middle of errands just to snap your receipts. Fetch Rewards allows you to submit receipts up to 14 days from the date of purchase. However, you can only submit a total of 14 receipts per rolling seven-day period.

Automatic redemptions

Not only does the Fetch Rewards app offer points for every receipt, but you can earn even more rewards when you purchase any item from hundreds of everyday brands. You can also get bonus rewards for products featured in the current special offers.

Unlike some other rewards apps, however, the Fetch Rewards app doesn't make you waste time browsing and activating offers just to get your rewards. Instead, the Fetch Rewards app will automatically apply your bonus points for any qualifying items it finds on your scanned receipts.

Redeem points for gift cards or donations

As with rewards credit cards, the points you earn from rewards apps are only as good as their redemptions. The Fetch Rewards app allows you to redeem your points for gift cards for dozens of popular brands, including Apple, Walmart, and Hulu. You can also redeem points for donations to several major nonprofit organizations.

You don't need to save up millions of points to get a decent redemption, either. Gift card redemptions start as low as 3,000 for some options, with other brands requiring a minimum of 10,000. Most redemptions offer $0.001 per point, so you'll get $1 for every 1,000 points.

Use both printed and emailed receipts

The Fetch Rewards app lets you easily submit physical receipts through the camera on your mobile device by clicking the camera icon on the app's home page. Then line up your shot, hit the button, and you're good to go. The app automatically scans your receipt to make sense of your purchases.

Of course, with so much of our lives going digital these days, you don't always get a paper receipt. The Fetch Rewards app allows you to connect your email and Amazon accounts to easily port your emailed receipts. Simply click the e-receipt button on the homepage to connect your accounts.

Referral code for friends to use

If you love to share the love, Fetch Rewards has you covered. You can invite friends and family to try out Fetch Rewards by sending referral links. Not only can you earn 2,000 points for each successful referral, but your referee will earn 2,000 Fetch Rewards points, too. That's an extra $2 worth of points for trying the app. Also, Fetch Rewards runs special deals for larger referral bonuses for up to 3,500 points.

What could be improved

Can't submit in-app receipts

Although the Fetch Rewards app accepts emailed receipts from places like Amazon, it does not import in-app receipts. Folks who use payment apps that provide in-app receipts, such as the Walmart App, are currently out of luck.

Unless you can set your payment app to email your digital receipts, you'll miss out on rewards from those purchases. That said, Fetch Rewards says it is working on adding in-app receipt functionality in the near future.

Android users can only use Gmail for email receipts

The Fetch Rewards app limits which email providers you can connect. Since the only way to get your emailed receipts into the app is by connecting your email account, this can be an issue for online shoppers. Right now, iOS app users can connect email accounts from Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and AOL, while Android app users can only connect Gmail accounts.

Alternatives to consider

If you want an app with coupon codes: The Rakuten app is a full-featured rewards app, offering cash back on purchases plus easy-to-use discount codes and free shipping promos on hundreds of popular brands. But if you want no-hassle rewards for every receipt, Fetch Rewards is the better pick.

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If you want an app that accepts more receipts: Ibotta is hard to beat when it comes to supported brands, accepting receipts from thousands of retail stores, grocery stores, drugstores, restaurants, and movie theaters. If you want rewards on all your shopping, not just your retail spending, Ibotta is a solid option. Of course, if you just want simple, automatic rewards, stick with Fetch Rewards.

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What are the costs?

As with most rewards apps, there's no cost to download or use the Fetch Rewards app. That includes earning rewards as well as redeeming your points. Of course, it's important not to get so caught up in earning rewards that you break your budget. No amount of purchase rewards will make up for overspending, especially if you wind up with credit card debt.

This app is right for:

The Fetch Rewards app is a good pick for shoppers looking for a simple way to save money. It offers a no-muss, no-fuss way to earn rebates on purchases. Since deals are applied automatically, you won't need to waste time finding and adding them one by one. Plus, with low redemption thresholds, you can enjoy the fruits of your labor without waiting months to rack up enough rewards. However, users who do a lot of online shopping or who favor payment apps may not get as much out of Fetch Rewards.

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Fetch Rewards Review: Easy Cash Back and More | The Motley Fool (2)

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