Elden Ring PC and Console Controls Guide (2023)

This guide helps you learn the controls in Elden Ring on PC and consoles and explains how they work and which ones to change!

Elden Ring is a continuation of an old tradition for FromSoftware. The Souls games have never been very comfortable to play with a keyboard and mouse. This guide focuses a lot on the PC Controls, but has all the information you need to help you learn what button or gesture does what on your PlayStation and Xbox Controllers!

In this guide and all the tables below I am using letters and symbols, to keep it simple, intuitive and less flashy. Some of you may want to first learn what some of them mean, so here’s a quick summary, especially if you are a PC player, trying to match controller binds to keyboard and mouse:

  • RS – Move Right Stick
  • LS – Move Left Stick
  • RS↓ – Press Right Stick
  • LS↓ – Press Left Stick
  • ↑↓→← – Arrows on the plus-shaped pad (D-pad) of the consoles controllers

In-Menu Controls in Elden Ring

Everybody starts from the game’s menus first before we get to the gameplay. It makes sense to clear up any confusion about which control does what in the game’s menus. This includes all menus while you play.

As you are about to see the same button may have a different function in different menus. They are always labeled identically in-game, though. So, if you are trying to match the letter or symbol that you see on your screen to whatever keypress it would correspond on PC, you will still find that info in the table below.

Switch View (right)YF
Switch display (mid)XR
Simple ViewRS↓RS↓Y
HelpTouchPadChange ViewG
Close (alternative)ESC
Swap ScreenYF
Hide HelmetXR
Reset XR
Navigate MenuL1 / R1LB / RBZ / X

In-Game Consoles Controls in Elden Ring

Here are the default controls for Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox controllers. You can remap most of them if you wish to.

Guard (LH Armament)L1LB
Crouch / Stand UpL3LS↓
Switch Sorcery / Incantation
Switch Left-Hand Armament
Switch Right-Hand Armament
Switch Item
MapTouchPadChange View
Strong Attack (RH & 2H Armament)R2RT
Attack (RH & 2H Armament)R1RB
Event Action (Examine, Open etc)Y
Use ItemX
Backstep / Dodge Roll / DashB
Move Camera / Change TargetRSRS
Reset Camera / Lock-On / Remove TargetR3RS↓
Main MenuOptionsOptions

Default controls for Playstation 4 and Playstation 5:

Elden Ring PC and Console Controls Guide (1)
Elden Ring PC and Console Controls Guide (2)

Default controls for Xbox One and Xbox Series X

Elden Ring PC and Console Controls Guide (3)
Elden Ring PC and Console Controls Guide (4)

In-Game PC Controls in Elden Ring

This is the list of PC controls. For PC players learning to use keyboard and mouse here might be an even bigger challenge than defeating the first major boss in Elden Ring.

I have provided all defaults keyboard and mouse actions as well as a few suggestions for changes to make your gameplay smoother and more fluent.

Here is an explanation of the PC-specific terms used in the table below:

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  • LMB – Left Mouse Button
  • RMB – Right Mouse Button
  • MMB – Middle Mouse Button

After the table, I have a few paragraphs explaining some additional things and sharing some tips.

ActionPC DefaultsChange to
Movement Speed ControlALTZ
Move ForwardsW
Move BackwardsS
Move LeftA
Move RightD
Backstep / Dodge Roll / DashSPACEALT
Crouch / Stand UpXC
Move Camera / Change Target (Up)SHIFT+↑
Move Camera / Change Target (Down)SHIFT+↓
Move Camera / Change Target (Left)SHIFT+←
Move Camera / Change Target (Right)SHIIFT+→
Reset Camera / Lock-On / Remove TargetQ / MMB
Switch Sorcery / Incantation1
Switch Item2
Switch Right-Hand Armament→ / SHIFT+SCROLL↑3
Switch Left-Hand Armament← / SHIFT+SCROLL↓4
Attack (RH & 2H Armament)LMB
Strong Attack (LH Armament)SHIFT+LMB
Use ItemR
Event Action (Talk, Examine, Open etc)E
Switch RH 1H & 2HE+LMB
Switch LH 1H & 2HE+RMB
SprintHold SPACE

Here are a few clarifications for some of the actions you can perform that may not be immediately clear to PC players using keyboard and mouse:

Switch RH 1H & 2H
If you hold E+LeftMouseButton, you will switch your right-hand armament from 1-handed style to 2-handed style. This is your primary weapon slot.

Switch LH 1H & 2H
If you hold E+RightMouseButton, you will switch your left-hand armament from 1-handed style to 2-handed style. This is typically a shield or a secondary weapon if you dual-wield.

How to navigate the Map
The Map can be opened and closed with the key “G” and this keybind cannot be changed for some reason (for now, at least). While in the map, you need to move with WASD to actually navigate around. The mouse cursor does not seem to do much. You can zoom in and out with the mouse wheel. The circle is what determines where you can place markers and/or waypoints.

Elden Ring PC and Console Controls Guide (5)

What is Middle Mouse Button (MMB)
This refers to the middle mouse button. Regular mice have scroll wheels. The middle mouse button is activated by pressing the wheel down on your mouse.

How to Skip NPC Lines
If you press “E” while an NPC is talking to you, you will skip to the next line immediately.

How to Sprint
By holding the “Dash” key, your character will start sprinting. You can do the same while mounted on Torrent, your spectral steed. Running uses stamina.

Elden Ring PC and Console Controls Guide (6)

Pouch Items
To use items from your Pouch slots, press and hold E, then the corresponding arrow (left, right, up or down) to activate the item that is in that specific slot. While you are holding “E”, on the lower left end of your screen you will see the four pouch slots. If you have remapped the default keybinds from arrows to something else (I recommend 1-4), then these buttons will act together with “E” for your pouch.

Elden Ring PC and Console Controls Guide (7)

Move Camera / Change Target (Up, Down, Left, Right)
These are not bound by default. Depending on your keyboard and mouse setup, you may want to bind them. On PC it is less relevant to do so because you use your mouse to turn around. While locked onto a target, you could use these to quickly switch from one target to another.

Skill usage
The Skills keybind refers to the special skill you can assign to your armament. You use that skill by holding SHIFT and clicking on the Right Mouse Button (RMB). You can also hold the RMB for a continuous animation. When performing a Skill, you spend FP (Focus Points)

Quickly Switch to Item
If you click on the ↓ arrow and hold the key, you will quickly go to your “default” item. The default item is the one you place first in your Items’ slot.

Elden Ring PC and Console Controls Guide (8)

I spent a very long time testing, comparing, researching and confirming the controls for all three platforms. Hopefully, I didn’t miss or mess up anything for the controllers specifically. If you want to share your own tips or suggestions, please, leave a comment.

(Video) Elden Ring - The Perfect Keyboard And Mouse Settings

How to display PC keybinds in Menus

By default, Elden Ring shows you the Xbox controller keybinds. If you play with a mouse and keyboard, you can switch to see the appropriate keybinds by going to “Sound and Display” tab in the main game menu and changing the “Device for On-Screen Prompts” setting to “Keyboard and Mouse”.

Elden Ring PC and Console Controls Guide (9)

This will start showing the appropriate buttons that you actually use both in menus and in the game. And if you have remapped any of them (I recommend you do), you will see the button that you have chosen.

Elden Ring PC and Console Controls Guide (10)

Now that you have learned the controls for Elden Ring on your favorite platform, I recommend you check out these two beginner-friendly guides:

  • Elden Ring for Beginners: The Ultimate Guide
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Take a look at the Elden Ring Guides section or follow the Elden Ring News as Bandai Namco strives to improve the game’s performance. We know that Ray Tracing is coming, but… who knows… one day, maybe… we may even get Ultrawide support on PC.

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Are the PC controls for Elden Ring good? ›

As a multiplatform game, Eden Ring is available to play on PC. But like the Dark Souls games, the PC version doesn't have the best default controls, making it feel unwieldy compared to other PC games.

Is Elden Ring easier on controller or PC? ›

Controllers are certainly the superior input device for third person RPG games, and Elden Ring is no different. The game certainly suits having tight controls all within fingers reach, and the ability to manoeuvre movement and angle with sticks gives you an advantage over those using a keyboard and mouse.

Does Elden Ring run better on PC or console? ›

PS5 and Xbox Series X are more stable because it has no stuttering issues, and because of the closed nature of the system, you will not encounter hackers. Unlike a gaming PC, sometimes it will be attacked because of some viruses, which will cause the game to not go smoothly.

How do you fix the controls on Elden Ring? ›

Step 1: Go to Steam > Settings > Controller > General controller settings. Step 2: Select the controller you want to use. The available options contain Xbox, PS4, Switch, and Generic. Step 3: Re-launch the game and see if the controller works normally.


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